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Dallas website design, graphic design, and technical consulting for individuals and businesses.


100 Men Who Give A Damn Dallas

100 Men Who Give A Damn Dallas is one of the greatest charitable movements Dallas has ever seen and 100 Men Dallas’ founder, Charles Gillis, is a one of the best men I know. When I learned about the charity I immediately volunteered my time and expertise. I put together the full marketing gamut (web/creative/social media/print) for 100 Men Dallas in a short period of time and the results were pretty stellar. Charles raised over $10,000 at his first meeting. I was honored to create the branding for this great cause and continue to be a part of it’s future as a founding member and it’s principal designer.

-Branding/Logo design
-Domain name selection
-Web hosting
-Website creation
-Misc. Print media
-Social Media management (Facebook, Instagram)
-SEO optimization and analytics

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